Why a Bigger Logo Can Harm Your Brand

Everyone loves their logo right? Or at least they should, since it represents their brand. So who wouldn’t want to show their logo to the world? Bigger is better right? Well not always and here’s why. Having a large logo on a website is like being that annoying salesman that comes running up to you […]

Welcome The White Space

Individuals who are new to website development will often compartmentalize the web page and fill every available space with either text or graphics. After all, why shouldn’t you maximize the site design by including as much information as possible? There seems to be an underlying fear that if there is “white space” the website will […]

Does Your Website Reflect Your Business?

Your business is always evolving and so is your market. Handling customer demand, the changing economy, shareholders, and employees can be daunting. Did you know that 75 percent of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design? The way your customers perceive your website could have a major impact […]

What Colors are Best for Your Website?

sample colors

Marketers spend lots of time and money determining the colors to best market their product: the colors that will prove the highest amount of return on investment.  You may want to hire a professional web designer to help you.  Make sure the web designer you hire is not just a programmer, but also a graphic […]

A Quick Lesson in Graphic File Formats

Different types of images over a laptop

There are two different types of file formats – bitmap (raster) and vector drawing. Bitmap (Raster) Images Bitmap is the most basic of the formats  with each image made up of individual pixels.  This format is most often used with photographs and images that contain subtle shading. There is however one problem with bitmap images, […]