How Good is Your User Experience?

On the Internet today there are hundreds of thousands of individuals surfing different websites for various reasons each and every day.  There are a number of things that can get people visiting your particular site.  Maybe you got visitors because of a product or service that you offer, or even the proper use of Search Engine Optimization that brought them to an individual page of your website.  But what keeps them browsing around for additional products or services?   What gets them telling their friends about your site?


The answer: User Experience

Is your website easy to navigate around and get to where the user wants to visit?  Do users get lost on your pages and end up moving on to a more User Friendly website?  Is your text large enough for senior visitors?  Do you have an easy way to contact someone for help?

A site’s user experience can have a massive effect on your visitors.   It can turn one-time visitors into repeat visitors and can even add to advertising by word of mouth.  The user that says, “This site was so easy to find exactly what I was looking for” is the person that had a great User Experience.  That person will be spreading the word about your website to their friends and family.  The user that gets lost on your pages will NEVER mention your website to anyone, and in all probability they already forgot the name of your site.

The key to a Great User Experience is Planning and Structuring a website to fit your users needs as well as your own.  Having a design that compliments your products or services helps make you stand out, but from there you need to have a way of letting your visitors really browse your site with ease and confidence.  Make sure you are considering these aspects when developing your website, especially in the ever-growing Internet of today.

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