Why a Bigger Logo Can Harm Your Brand


Everyone loves their logo right? Or at least they should, since it represents their brand. So who wouldn’t want to show their logo to the world? Bigger is better right? Well not always and here’s why.

Having a large logo on a website is like being that annoying salesman that comes running up to you the moment you enter a store or step onto a car lot. We all hate these guys right? Pressuring you and making you feel uncomfortable to make a sale. Most people when they arrive at your site are looking for something specific; your products or services. They probably already know who you are or what you offer, so your website should be focused more around how you can help them and provide them with information about your company.

Always remember that your website is for your customers, not you. When your logo takes up too much space on your site, you’re telling your customers that you put your needs (to have your logo as big as possible) over theirs (to quickly and easily find the information they need). Your logo’s main function is to provide a link back to your home page.

Take a look at some of the headers of prominent brands from around the web; Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Walmart, Subway. What do all these brands have in common? Their logos are all relatively small. Your website real estate is important and should be used wisely. Many small businesses struggle to see the importance of their website real estate. Your logo doesn’t have to be enormous in order for them to recognize your brand.

Your logo is important from a brand recognition perspective, but focusing on the content and needs of the user is going to result in the most effective website. It is not the logo that will bring customers back to your website, it is the content, the service, and the trust that you establish that will make customers return. Your logo can be a very useful tool, but just remember it is only one visual aid and not the entirety of your brand.

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