Why a Professional Website is More Expensive

Most people venturing out to find a professional website for their business are often met with surprise – websites can be expensive. Especially good websites.

While anyone can learn to create a website, not every website is created equal. Building a good website is not a simple task and the work that goes into making a website that works for your business is what makes them cost more.

You may be thinking, is an expensive website worth it? Let’s find out.

So what makes a professional website expensive?

Good Performance and Speed

A low cost website will almost always perform badly. These websites will take a long time to load because they were built poorly. 


Having a poorly performing website can have negative effects. Your rank in search engines suffers and users are quick to leave your site before giving your business a chance. 

Professionals spend time benchmarking websites to make sure the pages load fast and meet web standards. They find problem areas before launch and make sure your website loads fast to offer your visitors a good experience.

Good Optimizations

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves good keyword and URL use, internal and external linking, proper use of meta titles and descriptions, as well as headings, but also page speed and content. SEO is an important part of any website.


Optimizing your website for Search Engines starts from the beginning of the planning process. Page structure, content, and development all play important roles in making sure your website gets ranked in search engines. 

Professional Design

Professional design is often overlooked on low cost websites. 

It is important for your business to tell its story online and appeal to your target audience. Investing in a professional design shows that your business values professionalism and sends a positive message to your customers.


Strong design = strong customer trust. Studies have shown that a badly designed website is often not read, trusted, or visited for any length of time. Poorly designed interfaces also make navigation difficult and lead to a poor user experience.

Responsive Design

People use their mobile devices more than ever to browse the web. If your website doesn’t work across varying screen sizes on desktop and mobile devices, you will be missing out on potential customers.


Not only do responsive websites provide a great experience for your visitors, Google gives an advantage to mobile friendly websites. 

In Closing

A professional website can be expensive because they are huge projects and when done right can take weeks or months to create. 

There are many things that make a website expensive, the bigger and more complex your website, the more time it will take the developer to code it. There is also good performance and speed, which contribute to the length of the website building process and therefore, the cost.

Having a professional website will make your online presence a story of success and your return on investment will be worth the expense.

Would you rather a professional website that ranks well in search engines and brings in more customers or a low cost website that gets lost in the mix and drives traffic to your competitors?

Are you looking for a professional website that not only looks good, but actually drives results? Let’s Talk!

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