Why is Blogging Important for Your Business


Blogging is a critical element for any business marketing plan. While blogging is great for driving traffic and promoting your products and services, it can also help you build trust with your potential customers. 

With almost 5 billion people digitally connected to the web, now is the best time for companies to be blogging to improve their online visibility.

So How Can Blogging Help Your Business? 

Increase Website Traffic

Who doesn’t like the idea of having more visitors to their website? Blogging is one of the most essential strategies you can use to increase your website traffic. By utilizing SEO like titles, keywords, and meta descriptions into your blog posts, they become a powerful tool for gaining online visibility for your business.

How many pages does your website currently have? How often do you update those pages? Probably not a whole lot. This is the great thing about blogging. It’s an easy way to add more pages to your website and provide Google and other search engines reasons to re-crawl your website to find new content. This is a new opportunity for you to show up in search results and drive more traffic to your website.

Build Brand Awareness

Building a strong business is built around brand awareness. Having a blog helps you to outshine your competition by providing meaningful content and showing your expertise in the industry. Potential customers only feel safe to trust an expert company or service provider. Blogging is a great way to build a relationship of trust with your target audience.

Social Media Exposure

A blog post can be easily shared to social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Whenever you create a blog post, you’re allowing your audience to share your content. This helps expose your business to new audiences.

Your blog is also a great repository of content. Instead of needing to constantly create new content for your social media channels, your blog content can be repurposed to keep your social media presence going.

It Can Drive Long-Term Results

Many people think that blogs only have a short-term impact, but that’s far from the truth. Blogs include keywords, so each time someone searches for information based on a topic you’ve written about, your blog can show in the results. A potential customer might read a blog you wrote from years ago to retrieve relevant information. Ranked blogs can generate traffic for years. 

The best blogs answer common questions their customers have. For example, we’re constantly asked why website’s need maintenance or why do I need SEO? So instead of having to answer these questions each time, we wrote blogs to provide this information to current and future customers. These blogs help us to establish authority in our industry.

Think about it.

You’re searching the web for a product or service and you come across a blog article that answers all your questions written by a local company. I’d be willing to bet that this company has just gained your attention and most likely your future business.

This is the power of blogging.

You Can Share Company News

Sharing company news on your blog is a great way to get personal with your target audience. You have a chance to show your audience that you are so much more than just selling products or services. It allows you to be human. 

Share updates on new hires.

Share updates on events you’ll be attending. 

Share updates on case studies and success stories.

You could even write a blog about your employee of the month. 


A blog is the best way to showcase your expertise and allow your target audience to know more about you, your product, and services. They are an asset to your business and help drive more traffic by engaging your visitors with content. 

So, if you want to have an organic way of driving traffic to your website, and adding value to your business, it’s time to start blogging!

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